Outline for the research paper: what steps have to be done

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Outline for the research paper: what steps have to be done

In this section, we will look at the student’s research plan and its main sections for carrying out individual research activities at school, writing and designing a research project with the goal of developing children’s search, research, and creative skills.

We will also describe in detail the contents of each item in the schoolchild’s research project plan and give important explanations and recommendations that will help you correctly and correctly plan and arrange the research work.

We will try to give answers to questions and a plan for how to write essay for me a research paper, we will give an example of writing and executing teaching and research work, as well as each section of the student’s project. These recommendations will be important to teachers for the implementation of research and project activities in the school.

Outline for a research paper

The presented example and sample of the student’s research plan is also a plan for individual research and design and research work carried out under the guidance of a teacher or additional education teacher.

1. Title page of research work

Explanation and design: Research title page

Registration of the title page is recommended with the consultation of the teacher – the head of research.

2. Content of research

Explanation and design: Contents of the research work

The content of the research work is made out strictly following the sample.

3. Introduction of research

Explanation and design: Introduction of research work

In Introduction of the research work, the relevance of the chosen topic is justified, the object, the subject of the research and the main problems are determined, the purpose and content of the tasks are stated, it is stated what is the novelty of the research (if any).

Also in the introduction methods of research are determined, the theoretical and practical significance (if there is a practical part) of research work (project) is substantiated.

This is the entire outline for a research paper which is mandatory for everyone, and are same for every university. Some another requirement you can find in your educational establishment website.

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