How to write a research paper?

How to write a research paper?
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How to write a research paper?

Some students, as well as applicants for a scientific degree, will have to face such a task as a research paper. But how to write this research work in high school, no one really knows. Well, except for us, of course.

What is the research work at the institute?

A research paper is the same kind of work as everyone else (abstract, report, degree, laboratory). Like all of them, research work is intended for those who want to get to the bottom of the essence of things and phenomena, want to understand and analyze some natural phenomena, and also intends to make some kind of discovery.

A research paper is the process of learning and doing research. It remains only to find out how to make a research paper. A good research topic should be clear, important, scientific. A good research topic should be clear, important, scientific.

9 tips on how to write a research paper

If you are faced with such a difficult task, and you are “not booming”, do not worry. Here are some guidelines that you can use with ease and ease:

Properly formulate the research topic. Do not take too broad a question to study for writing a research paper. For example, if you are a fan of Gogol, do not take all his work. Stop at a certain part of his life, or study the history of the creation of “Viy”. If you are stuck on this task, ask the supervisor to help.

Discuss the amount of work. As a rule, it will affect the level of complexity. For example, a schoolchild to speak at a scientific conference should prepare about 20-30 pages of printed text. In the diploma project, research can reach 100 sheets.

Study previous research on this topic. Compare them with your own data and draw conclusions. At the very beginning formulate the purpose of the work and tasks. This will help with the conclusion. Yes, and in achieving the goals are much better when you articulate them clearly for yourself.

Determine relevance. Mark possible solutions to the problem. Before you write an introduction to research, you should find out for yourself why this particular topic was chosen.

Work through the main part. It describes the intermediate results of the study, observations and experiments, preliminary conclusions are made.

Track the consistency of work. After writing it, it is imperative to review and determine whether the logical order, the sequence of the course of the research or thoughts are not disturbed.

Work out the conclusion. Here you need to summarize the work done, to describe its merits, as well as to determine further ways in the selected area.

Make a bibliography. To make a list of references that were used when writing a research paper can be the same as in other scientific papers.

How to make a dissertation proposal?

Often, in order to receive a grant for research or for admission to a foreign doctoral program, a Research Proposal is required, plan for the proposed study. Consider why it is needed and what its content should be.

What is the dissertation proposal for?

The research plan allows the competition commission or potential supervisor to determine the following:

  • the candidate has studied well-studied literature and previous research on his subject matter;
  • scientific issues are in the area of ​​interest of a potential supervisor;
  • the candidate is able to plan his research work.

It is important that the writing a dissertation proposal convinces those who read it that the candidate:

identified a scientific problem;

has a theoretical basis and has an idea of ​​the methodological approaches to solving this problem in a reasonable time and for reasonable means;

will bring something new to the research in the chosen area.

What is the dissertation proposal?

Title page

Name, date of birth, nationality, contact information;

The working title of your dissertation or scientific report (the title should accurately reflect the essence of the research and, preferably, the research method, include keywords by which the research can be classified);

Realistic period of time for which the research is planned;

The name of the proposed supervisor; the name of the department where you are going to conduct research; the names of other professors with whom you intend to cooperate (if applicable);

A list of research projects that previously received funding from a department or science foundation for which you are applying to show that your project matches their scientific interests or mission.

A brief overview of the proposed project

A brief overview should fit on one page and focus on the topic of research, its relevant aspects. The presentation should be as clear as possible. We must try to clearly define the boundaries of the study.

Literature review in writing dissertation proposal

It summarizes the state of affairs in the area of ​​the proposed research, which is directly related to your research.

The following recommendations should be followed:

  1. refer to the most important scientific works for other researchers for your project;
  2. designate the theoretical framework in which the study will be conducted;
  3. show that you are aware of current scientific problems in your area of ​​research and methodological approaches to solving them;
  4. identify the scientific problem that you are going to solve and justify what new you are going to add to existing research.