How to write term paper in APA format?

How to write term paper in APA format?
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How to write term paper in APA format?

The APA format is the official academic writing style of the American Psychological Association. The use of the APA style originates in article 1929, published in the Psychological Bulletin, where the main recommendations are presented. The APA link style is usually used to cite sources in the psychology and social sciences.

The title page of term paper written in the APA format briefly explains what you discuss in your article. It consists of the following:

  • The heading is a sentence consisting of no more than words 12, which develops the main theme and your variables of interest. Center the title between the fields at the top of the page. Write in upper and lower case letters. Make it a brief statement that identifies the main variables in your article and their relationship. For example, “The Effect of Fatigue on Exam Results.”
  • Author’s name. Specify first name, last name, first name, middle name and last name without abbreviations of names or degrees, such as doctor or doctor of science.
  • Author’s school: Write the place where you conducted the study. Include only two institutions if you have received support for your research from several of them. Identify your state or city if you were not associated with any academic institution when you conducted the study.
  • Running head: an abbreviated version of the title of the articles with no more than 50 capital letters. It helps to identify pages for readers in case they are separated. Before the heading of the running head, add the words “running head” and a colon for the first page only.
  • Annotation is a very brief and objective summary of your academic work written in the APA format in words from 150 to 250. Include at least the research topic, research questions, methods, participants, results, data and results analysis.

How to make out sources in term paper in the APA format

Book in print: Author (Year of publication). Job title. Publisher City, State: Publisher

E-book reader: Author, (Year of publication). Job title (E-Reader version). Retrieved from

Article in the journal in print: Author (year, month of publication), title of the article, title of the journal, volume (issue)

Magazine article found online: Author (year, month of publication) Title of the article. The name of the magazine (issue), taken from

Newspaper article in print: Author (year, month of publication). Article title. Name of the newspaper, volume (issue), p. (for one page) or pages (when quoting several pages)

Online newspaper article: Author, (Year, Month of publication) Article title. The name of the newspaper, volume (issue), is taken from

Journal article in print: Author (year of publication). Article title. Periodic name, volume (release), p. —P.

Magazine article found online: Author (year of publication). Article title. The title of the journal, volume (issue), pp.-pp, extracted from the journal URL or DOI.

Title page for the term paper designed correctly: all essential steps

The title page of the term paper (other names: cover, title) is the first page of the term paper, reflecting data about the university, the topic of work, the author, scientific leaders and the city of writing. This information is necessary for searching and processing a document.

For reference. For the first time, the title page appeared in the book “Bulla cruticiata” (1463, by Peter Schaeffer), much later in scientific works.

Most of the questions with the title page arise when you make a term paper. At present, the title page for R & D (research works, including coursework) has been standardized in the GOSTs, which will be discussed further.

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Standard requirements include a number of parameters that apply to “default” research papers.

The title page of term paper according to rules should contain information about: the Ministry of Education and Science; the name of the institution; faculty; the department; type of work; its subject matter; a student (the order is used for this: full name, course, group); teacher (in the following order: rank, then a scientific degree, the position of the head and his full name); the city; year of writing.

It is important to know. In addition to state standards, you should carefully study the training manual, as in some universities. Requirements for design may vary slightly from the standard (see the examples below).

Step-by-step instructions for the design of the title page

Step 1. Create a “cap”: indicate the ministry of education, through the paragraph the full name of the university, and then the faculty and department.

Step 2. This is followed by the phrase “Coursework”, as a rule, in bold, 24 points.

Step 3. The next item is the topic. It is distinguished in bold type 16 pt.

Step 4. All written information needs to be centered.

Step 5. This is followed by information about the student and supervisor, which is aligned on the right side.

Step 6. The next item is the city.

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Step 7. Below is the year.

Step 8. The city and the year are centered and lowered to the very bottom of the title page.

Step 9. The type and font size, matching fields, the interval between the lines are checked.

The title page is ready. As a final step, you need to take a sample and see what’s different visually.